Gobsmag interview: J. Roddy Walston & the Business

“I would arm wrestle with Daniel Day Lewis and Prince and start a staring contest.”


Nog niet zo lang geleden keerden we op Gobsmag terug naar de tijd waarin Kings of Leon nog jong en ongepolijst was. Oldschool rock ‘n’ roll, dampende gitaren en schurende stem. We dachten er zelfs over na om de hele avond te dansen op de piano totdat de zon weer opkwam. Dat kwam allemaal door J. Roddy Walston en zijn vrienden van The Business. Hun toffe single Heavy Bells explodeert in een inferno van gitaar, drums en vocalen. Zo tof zelfs dat we er een 8.0 voor overhadden. Hoogste tijd dus om J. Roddy himself eens een aantal typische Gobsmag-vragen voor te leggen.

Hi J, welcome in this interview. Where you at, bro?

In a filthy van leaving SXSW and headed towards Little Rock, Arkansas.

Fuck, we can’t say we are not jealous. Hope you had a blast at SXSW. Plenty of exciting music too, so we’ve heard. Can you tell us which records you are currently grooving to? 

Robert Palmer, Pressure Drop. Amazing band and arrangements!

Are you sure it’s the record and not just for the album cover? Anyhow, it’s time to tickle your imagination a bit. Imagine you could invite two celebrities to your birthday bash. Who would that be?

Daniel Day Lewis and Prince. We would arm wrestle and start a staring contest.

Sounds like fun. You don’t want to get in trouble with DD Lewis though. Man, his part in Gangs Of New York… Talking about scary violence: do tell us about your latest bandfight.

All of our fights are from exhaustion so it’s just a bunch of grown men screaming and crying because they need a nap.

J. Roddy Walston & the Business – Heavy Bells | Lees het Gobsmag rapport

Don’t underestimate the power of a good nap. Back in the day Friends even made a whole episode about it. Alright, time for some quickies:

Fender or Gibson?
Bush Sr. of Bush Jr.? 
Super Bowl half-time show or acoustic showcase at the White House? 
Super Bowl.
Kanye West or Kanye West? 
Double yuck.

Not that much of a Kanye fan? We heard he is quite font of himself though, so we guess he should be alright. We bet that Lance Armstrong is a huge inspiration for the sound of J. Roddy, unlike Kanye. So when is your concept album about Lance Armstrong coming out?

I need to work the ability to jam in the peleton, so it might be a few years from now.

Check. Next: Even though it isn’t about coffee, we really like the quote “Hey, could you stand another drink / I’m better when I don’t drink / It seems to get me through” from Proof by I Am Kloot. What’s your favorite quote from a song?

“The hand of God is a razor blade / and upon my back he carved out his name / and I fell down on my knees and begged him to change me.” Cary Ann Hearst.

Heavy shit. Anyhow, imagine you’re sent back into time to prevent one record from ever being recorded. Which one will you go for?

Creed’s first record.

We get that. Famous last questions. Should somebody grasps the brilliant idea to write your biography…

a. What would the title be?
“To strange to sleep”. Why? Because I am.

b. Who will play Martin Sahlertz in the inevitable Hollywood Blockbuster?
I hope Nic Cage.

c. Books are stupid, aren’t they?
Yeah, books are jerks.

Jerks it is.

J. Roddy Walston & the Business bracht onlangs haar tweede plaat, Essential Tremors uit. Helaas nog geen Nederlandse showdata, maar we houden je uiteraard op de hoogte. 

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