Gobsmag interview: Annasaid

“I guess it wouldn’t be fun to celebrate my birthday with a dead man.”

20463933Wellicht gaat er een belletje rinkelen bij de naam Annasaid. Waren die niet van het fijne liedje Dogfight? Of kan het zijn dat ik ze eerder op Gobsmag voorbij heb zien komen?

Beiden juist! Dogfight was inderdaad van Annasaid en deze Deense gitaarpop scoorde eerder al een prima 7,7 op het scorebord met het liedje Collision dat afkomstig is van de 28 april verschijnende nieuwe plaat Rite de Passage). Bovendien lijken de gasten ons geschikte peren, reden genoeg dus om zanger/gitarist Martin Sahlertz aan een typisch Gobsmag-vragenvuur te onderwerpen.

Hi Martin, welcome in this interview. Where you at, bro?

Sitting in a bus on my way to my hometown, Aarhus, where the rest of the band lives.

Ah, so plenty of time to spin some tunes. Which records are you currently grooving to? 

I am very much into the latest Foals album ‘Holy Fire’. It’s a fantastic record with some really bold lyrics. I’m also listening a lot to James Blake latest release, ‘Retrogade’. He is one of the most talented musicians in the business right now.

Yeah, Blakey is cool. It’s time to tickle your imagination a bit. Imagine you could invite two celebrities to your birthday party. Who would that be?

Actually I was about  to say Morgan Freeman – but I guess it wouldn’t be fun to celebrate my birthday with a dead man. So I think I’m gonna go with Dave Grohl and Josh Homme. We would just clear the whole house and play the entire discography of Queens of the Stone Age, while (of course) eating a huge birthday cake.

Sounds like fun. But are you sure Morgan is dead already? Nelson Mandela just died, maybe you were thinking of him. Anyhow. Tell us about your last bandfight.

I guess you mean the latest, as it will probably not be the last. It wasn’t really dramatic. Just a ordinary food fight. Waste of some good cheeseburgers though.

ANNASAID – Collision | Lees het Gobsmag rapport

Damn, you made us wanna battle now. Here it goes:

Fender or Gibson?
Definitely Fender
Bush Sr. of Bush Jr.?
I would prefer to say neither of them. Like pest or cholera. But I’ll go for Sr.
Super Bowl half-time show or acoustic showcase at the White House?
I’m a massive Seattle Seahawks fan so it was already on the top of my wishlist, even before this interview.
Kanye West or Kanye West?
North West.

North, his less famous brother. Like Randy Jackson from the Jacksons and those other two from Hanson. Talking about brothers, when is your concept album about Lance Armstrong coming out?

When we receive a huge donation from him and get him to agree with the fact that we will be hosting the release party on his mansion.

Clear. Next: Even though it isn’t about coffee, we really like the quote “Hey, could you stand another drink / I’m better when I don’t drink / It seems to get me through” from Proof by I Am Kloot. What’s your favorite quote from a song?

“Spanish sahara / the place that you wanna / leave the horror here / leave it all down here / it’s future rust and it’s future dust.” Foals – Spanish Sahara

Love it. Time for those famous last questions. Should somebody grasps the brilliant idea to write your biography:

a. What would the title be?
“Exam”, maybe. I am a very competitive person and try to make the most of everything I do. Whether it be our music, my education or even a FIFA match on Playstation.

b. Who will play Martin Sahlertz in the inevitable Hollywood Blockbuster?
I would love to do it myself. But if I had to choose someone else I would go for Ryan Gosling. He’s a pretty good actor and maybe the coolest guy on the planet.

c. Books are stupid, aren’t they?
I wouldn’t say they are stupid. But I don’t read much. I only read when I have to. In the future I think I will try to read more books.

Very noble.

Annasaid brengt op 28 april haar nieuwe plaat Rite de Passage uit. De energieke live band speelt rondom de release door heel Europa, waaronder een aanzienlijk aantal shows in Nederland:

09/04/2014: Utrecht (Tivoli)
10/04/2014: Zwolle (Hedon)
11/04/2014: Zaandam (Flux)
12/04/2014: Den Haag (Supermarkt)

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