Gobsmag Interview: Augustines

“Ray Manzarek from The Doors would fit in pretty nicely in Augustines.”

Rob AllenWe Are Augustines werd Augustines. De titel van de 4 februari 2014 verschijnende tweede plaat is, jawel, Augustines. Eerder schreven we al over de nieuwste single die op ons werd afgevuurd, Nothing to Lose But Your Head. Kreeg van ons een 8.3. Je kunt dus wel zeggen dat band in Gobsmag een fan heeft. Reden genoeg om ze aan een vragenvuur te onderwerpen. Slachtoffer werd drummer Rob Allen.

So Rob, what’s your location at this very moment?
“We are in London, England.”

So it must be raining right now? Let’s fly off to Washington DC. The reason for this: Good old Barack Obama is having a party and all the world leaders are there. Obama asked you to play a few songs for his guests. What’s the song you’ll open with?

Patton State Hospital. It’s a full on Rocker and touches on topics that would give them a few things to think about.”

Love it. That would definitely give him some food for thought in between playing golf and acting as the most powerful guy in the world. Speaking about cool dudes: if you had the chance to add an extra member to the band, dead or alive, who would that be?

“This is a hard question to answer, simply because there has been many pivotal members of the music industry throughout the years. I’ve decided to go with Ray Manzarek from The Doors. He has a memorable sound that couldn’t be mistaken. I think he would fit in pretty nicely too.”

Very sorry that he passed away last year, would have made for a nice addition to Augustines we think. Let’s leave the bigger picture here and zoom in on this: even though it isn’t about coffee, we really like the quote “And you, you can be mean / And I, I’ll drink all the time” from “Heroes” by David Bowie. What’s your favourite quote from a song?

“All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles.”

And love is all you need! Those were some lyrics, heh? Talking about clever words: what’s the handsome blonde guy saying in this picture:


“I just wet myself.”

He probably thinks the lady next to him did because of his brilliant jokes. Okay, famous last questions. If somebody was to write your biography:

A. What will be the title?

“Rob Allen – He Ain’t Dead: The Journey So Far.”

B. Who will play you in the movie?

“Jason Statham – it would be a cockney autobiographical action thriller.”

C. Books are pretty stupid, aren’t they?

“No, absolutely not! a great source of information and wonderful for the brain.”

Dead right you are.

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