Gobsmag Interview: Gambles

“The President Of The United States would appreciate my MC skills.”

Gambles Matthew Daniel Siskin, oftewel Gambles verraste ons met een magnifieke plaat, Trust. Sowieso een verassend persoon, deze Gambles. Zo is hij in het dagelijks leven Online Creative Director van niemand minder dan Beyonce. Achter dit leven gaat echter een diepe put van emoties schuil. Een ongewenste zwangerschap, een verloving en de keiharde woorden van de arts dat het kindje het levenslicht nooit zou zien. Dan staat je wereld op zijn kop. En wat doe je dan? Juist, je schrijft en maakt een plaat die vol staat met verdriet, pijn, machteloosheid en woede. Hoofdzakelijk bedoeld als verwerkingsproces, maar gelukkig pikte Pitchfork enkele tracks op en krijgt de plaat de aandacht die het verdient. So I Cry Out kreeg van ons een 8.7 en dat zou ook voor de andere tracks een prima cijfer zijn. Hoog tijd dus om Gambles eens wat typische Gobsmag-vragen voor te leggen.

So Matthew, what’s your location at this very moment?

“New York City.”

Ah, quite an interesting place for music. Do you mind telling us what records you are currently “grooving” to?

“As we speak I’m cycling from PJ Harvey to Erik Satie to Radiohead to Marianne Faithful. Why? Well for me songs are for mood adjusting and my moods just sort of called for the above I guess.

Talking about moods: let’s say good old Barack Obama is having a party and all the world leaders are there. Obama asked you to play a few songs for his guests. What’s the song you’ll open with?

Chief Rocka – Lords Of The Underground, just because it’s sure to confuse people and I know the POTUS would appreciate my MC skills. If this wasn’t a joke and I had to actually pick a song I’d probably try to write something I hadn’t written yet, and sing that.”

It was no joke, we are dead serious. We bet good old Barack would throw out some breakdancing as well. Speaking about akward situations: if you had the chance to add an extra member to the band, dead or alive, who would that be?

“Kurt Cobain, as he would probably thrive with them or kill each one in their sleep – musically, I’m not quite sure. To be honest I have no idea why I’ve picked Kurt besides the fact I was thinking about him earlier today.”

He probably had his share of gambling as well. Let’s get serious now. Even though it isn’t about coffee, we really like the quote “And you, you can be mean / And I, I’ll drink all the time” from “Heroes” by David Bowie. What’s your favourite quote from a song?

This is a very long list – I’ll give it to Drake though: “You know it’s real when you are who you say you are.”

Gambles – So I Cry Out | Lees het Gobsmag rapport

You’re sent back in time to prevent one record from ever being recorded. Which one will you go for? Mind you, those dudes from Hanson read our website.

“Probably Hootie and the Blowfish, no explanation required if you’ve ever listened to an entire Hootie and the Blowfish record. I have, not by choice though – it was in rotation in my moms car when I was very young – she has great taste in music, I do have to say. I think that was just a case of good marketing from hootie.”

So let’s combine marketing and lyrics for a moment: what’s the handsome blonde guy saying in this picture:


“I often find myself floating until I realize I’m in the bath and the clocks run dry right there before me – don’t bother getting up I’m leaving.”

Wow. That’s just… Wow. Okay, famous last questions. If somebody was to write your biography:

A. What will be the title?

“A Life Worth Risking. Because clearly the puns of my name will haunt me through the years.”

B. Who will play you in the movie?

“Jake Morrison, because he’ll have studied my music for a very long time – note: he isn’t born yet so no googling.”

C. Books are pretty stupid, aren’t they?

“Yeah, I hate how when I hold them I smell cinnamon and I’m instantly transported into another room where you can feel the buzz of your braincells lighting up like tiny fireworks over the flood line of your eyeballs.”

Our thoughts exactly.

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