Gobsmag interview: Go Go Berlin

“I want to invite Jack Nicholson and Iggy Pop to my birthday.”

Schermafbeelding 2014-03-02 om 13.14.02Vanochtend las je al over Go Go Berlin, de Deense rock-band die momenteel hard aan de weg timmert. De ambities liegen er niet om, de bandbio spreekt van “it seems like there is no limit for how big they can become”. Single Castles Made of Sand kreeg van ons dus een 8.0 en dat is genoeg reden genoeg om de band eens aan de tand te voelen. Gitarist Mikkel Dyrehave beantwoordde onze typische Gobsmag-vragen.

So Mikkel, what’s your location and situation at this very moment?

“My couch, answering these questions.”

Ah, the best spot for listening to music. Do you mind telling us what records you are currently “grooving” to?

Reflector, by Arcade Fire. Because, hey, it’s the perfect record to groove to. Thanks to James Murphy (producer and LCD Soundsystem man).”

Daft Punk is playing at my house, right? Talking about house party’s, let’s say you could invite two celebrities to your birthday bash: who would that be and what would you do together?

“Jack Nicholson and Iggy Pop. It will be a killer night with drinks with umbrellas and fancy hats.”

That’ll be some night. Heeeeeere’s Iggy! But life is not all about party. Tell us about your last band-fight.

“I think it was about who was paying for lunch.”

You mean you have to pay for your lunch? Well, we guess the heyday of the music industry is over. Let’s battle ourself for a bit:

– Fender or Gibson?
– Bush Sr. of Bush Jr.?
– Super Bowl half-time show or acoustic showcase at the White House?
“Super Bowl
“- Kanye West or Kanye West?
“Apparently both”

Go Go Berlin – Castles Made of Sand | Lees het Gobsmag rapport

So Mikkel, tell us, when’s your concept album about Lance Armstrong coming out?

“It’s due 2090 (expect delays).”

Cool, don’t forget to send us a promo copy to review. Next question: even though it isn’t about coffee, we really like the quote “Hey, could you stand another drink / I’m better when I don’t think / Seems to get me through” from Proof by I am Kloot. What’s your favorite quote from a song?

“The Sun is not yellow, it’s chicken (Bob Dylan Tombstone Blues).”

Chicken it is. So let’s combine marketing and lyrics for a moment: What’s happening below?


“Well, this clearly states that the police is finally trying flying dogs. And better winter clothing.”


“This is a seagull doing the monday-afternoon-dance.”


“Counting hairs.”

You are sent back in time to prevent one record from ever being recorded. Which one will you go for? And why? Mind you, Nickelback reads our website.

“I believe in making music, not stopping it. But I’m sure no one would cry if one of Cliff Richard’s records didn’t make it.”

We couldn’t agree more. Okay, famous last questions. If somebody was to write your biography:

A. What will be the title?
“Let’s all drink to the death of a clown.”

B. Who will play you in the movie?
“Jack Nicholson”

C. Books are pretty stupid, aren’t they?
“I do enjoy the ones with big pictures.”

Our thoughts exactly.

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