Gobsmag interview: Revere

“Our last band-fight was arranged in a mist-covered field, with pistols drawn at dawn.”

__REVERE COMP_4x3Gobsmag houdt van baarden. Het is dan ook niet verwonderlijk dat we fan zijn van de Britse indie-rockers van Revere. Maar wacht, het gaat ons niet alleen om de machtige baard van frontman Stephen Ellis, de muziek is ook nog eens fantastisch. Dan weer melancholisch, dan weer fluisterstil. Single These Halcyon Days kreeg van ons zelfs een snoeiharde 9.0. Maar hoe zit het met het verhaal achter de band? Daar probeerden we achter te komen door baardmans Stephen Ellis een aantal typische Gobsmag-vragen voor te leggen.

Hi Stephen, welcome in this interview. Where you at, buddy?

I’m at tegel airport in Berlin at 5am, about to get a flight back to London to rehearse with Revere ahead of our Dutch tour. I’ve just come from a hotel where the barman was used to roadie for Steve Hackett. He found out I was a Genesis fan and gave me free Jagermeisers all evening. It’s going to be a long day…

Fuck, that indeed sounds like it’s going to be a long day. Kudo’s for taking the time to answer our stupid questions. Talking about which: what records are you currently grooving to?

Most recently I’m listening to Jon Hopkins’ Immunity, Efterklang’s Piramida. Oh, and These New Puritans’ Fields of Reeds and Alexandra Desplat’s score for the new Wes Anderson film ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’. We also asked our Dutch followers to suggest a playlist for our tour bus for this next tour and I’ve been checking out Gazpacho, Thomas Azier, The War on Drugs and a lot more.

Sounds like you have plenty of time to spin some records, traveling between Germany, UK and Holland like you do. But there’s one day a year you don’t travel, and that’s your birthday. If you could invite two celebrities to your birthday party: who would that be and what would you do together?

Janelle Monáe. She has perfect style and music taste. It’d be a dress up affair in a club that looks like something off the movie Blade Runner. There’d probably be a large choreographed dance number half way through the night and when it was all over we’d watch Charlie Chaplin films and eat sugar popcorn. I’d love to spend a night with her and her entire band actually. That has night to remember stamped all over it.

And Bill Murray obviously! We share the same birthday so I’m not sure where the evening would take us but I’m pretty sure it would involve kazoos, zombies, a man called Severance Jake and an Ostrich…

Wow, you totally made us wanna be there! Do sent over an invite. Do it or you’ll regret it. Talking about unnecessary angry words: when was your last band-fight and what was it about?

We are very formal about it, so it was arranged to take place in a mist-covered field, with pistols drawn at dawn. Unfortunately both parties slept through it so we had to use last minute stand ins. Still no one got hurt. I can’t remember how the fight started though. I think someone turned off a Devo song halfway through… it could have been brutal!

So you guys like to battle if we understand correctly? Let’s get it on! No, put your fists down, we are talking about battling on paper:

Fender or Gibson?
Fender Electrics, Gibson acoustics (although I prefere Martin)

Bush Sr. or Bush Jr.?
Give them a pillow each and let them fight to death.

Super Bowl Half-Time show or acoustic showcase in the White House?
I’d prefer an acoustic showcase in a lighthouse.

Kanye West or Kanye West?
Tone Loc

Revere – These Halcyon Days | Lees het Gobsmag rapport

Not that much of a Kanye fan are ya? We heard he is quite font of himself though, so we guess he should be alright. We bet that Lance Armstrong is a huge inspiration for the sound of Revere, unlike Kanye. So when is your concept album about Lance Armstrong coming out?

We’ve had to put it on hold until we can find a studio big enough to fit microphones to 100 bicycles and race around Marc’s drum kit.

That’s going to be tricky. You would also have to make sure his ego (Lance’s) still fits the room. In the meantime, have a look at these situations and tell us what’s happening.

John! I’m sorry!! Don’t leave me PLEEAASSEEE!!!! You can have your side of the bed back!

One.. step..closer.. WAIT! Am I sideways??

Programma your new iBuddy in six easy steps…

Well done, creative artist with massive beard. Back to the music with a some kind of hypothetical question. Let say you’re sent back in time to prevent one record from ever being recorded. Which one will you go for? And why? Mind you, Nickelback reads our website.

Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping“. If I have to explain why, this interview is over. Seriously, I’d put them into the time machine and send them back to prehistoric times. Let’s see you get up again after a T-Rex knocks you down! Coming to think of it, maybe I have done that and that’s what killed off the dinosaurs.

Heavy shit, but we couldn’t agree more. Anyhow, famous last questions. Should somebody grasp the brilliant idea to write your biography…

a. What would the title be?
“The Great Slump In The Sky”. Because by then we’ll have all been wiped out onstage in a freak projection related incident. We all be slumping in heaven.

b. Who will play Stephen Ellis in the inevitable Hollywood Blockbuster?
Guy Garvey. We have the same teeth, apparently.

c. Books are stupid, aren’t they?
This interview is over…

Indeed it is. Thanks anyway.

Revere tourt vanaf morgen door Nederland en daar zijn nog kaarten voor beschikbaar:

2 april: Patronaat – Haarlem
3 april: Bibelot – Dordrecht
4 april: Paard van Troje – Den Haag
5 april: Muziekgieterij – Maastricht

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