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More musicNewvid on March 30th 2018

Bekijk de nieuwe video van Odesza: ‘Higher Ground’ (feat. Naomi Wild)

Nieuwste single van het Amerikaanse duo Odesza, te vinden op het afgelopen september verschenen album A Moment Apart. Een succesvolle plaat, het leverde ze onder andere een Grammy nominatie op in de categorie Best Dance/Electronic Album. Over de toffe videoclip (persbericht: “a vibrant journey following three separate women linked through technology, music, and mystery”) vertelt regisseur Nima Nabili Rad:

“My vision for Higher Ground was to create a cinematic atmospheric piece about connection and love with a hypnotic quality to it. For me, the science fiction films of the 80’s like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Blade Runner, always had light as an organic, living, breathing part of the film. Taking inspiration from that, the video was made with the light not only being part of the visual eye candy but as a central character itself. It was fun being the conductor of a symphony of light for a couple of nights!”

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