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Newmusic of the day on May 30th 2017

Vikesh Kapoor zit bij de rivier (8.5)

Singer-songwriter in optima forma, van Bob Dylan tot Woody Guthrie
Song: Vikesh Kapoor - Down by the River
Album: TBA

Meer dan drie jaar geleden waren we laaiend over Vikesh Kapoor. Debuutplaat The Balled of Willy Robbins staat hier nog geregeld op. “Storytelling a la Dylan met invloeden van Josh Ritter, Tallest Man On Earth en Woody Guthrie,” schreven we. En Vikesh is een dromer, zo ook op nieuwe track (eindelijk!) Down By The River.

Vikesh zat thuis in Pennsylvania. Vast in een sneeuwstorm. Hij vertelt:

A river called the Susquehanna rushed through my town and I’d sit on its bank in the snow thinking about a Ukrainian girl I met there, by chance, the winter before,” Kapoor says. “A few nights later, waiting for the snow to melt, the image of her on the edge of the river became clear in my mind. I finished the song while the sun was still down, but never got to sing it for her in the morning.” Maybe, just maybe, she can hear it now.

En net als met zijn plaat krijgen we niet genoeg van deze track. Heerlijk eenvoudig, puur. Muziek zoals muziek ooit bedacht is door Bobby D.

En tot slot nog een shout-out naar zijn mening over de muziekindustrie:

Thank you to everyone that’s listened to the new single. Obviously it’s been awhile since an album has come out, but I was never the kind of artist to work on a cycle imposed by the music industry anyhow. I wrote before an industry was ever apparent to me and I’ll continue to do so with or without one. It’s important to keep that in mind as an artist; to those whom are reading this that are artists, remember that an industry can’t exist without you. It starts and ends with you. Along the way, everyone will have an opinion on your art and what you should do and how you’re doing in relation to others, but honestly it exists only because of you- not album sales, or press or 10-point scales. Go deep and trust yourself; it’s the only way to not get lost when you’re deep in the well.

Staat genoteerd.

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